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It's About People 2022: Embracing Digital Transformation: For a Sustainable and Ethical Future

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The Role of Deliberative Communication In The Local Communication Community and The Subjectivity of Voters

Toni Čabraja
Alma Mater Europaea - ECM

The topic of the paper is an analysis of the role of democratic political participatory communication in the local communication community, with the aim of finding new ways to improve the political subjectivity of voters. Our research question is how to apply certain communication values ​​from the theory of communicative action to a system that should enable an "ideal speech situation" in the communication community. The basic hypothesis is that voters in the local community do not feel like subjects of political decision-making. For the needs of research work, we will use quantitative and qualitative methods using surveys as a research tool or technique for empirical research, as well as the method of analysis of existing sources. Namely, communication is the process of constituting the human community of various levels of social organization and the way of functioning and ensuring their existence. Power is also established, operated and legitimized communicatively. In this sense, technological advances in the development of information and communication technology (ICT) allow for new convergent forms of political voter participation in the decision-making process. Deliberative communication involves both political representatives in representative bodies and voters and is important in the process of building an "ideal speech situation".



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